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Within the framework of the partnership established in 1967 between the Association of banks in Lebanon and the Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ), the Centre for banking studies (CEB) continued till 2013 to offer a range of services in the banking professional training area to the employees of the banking institutions operating in Lebanon.

This vocational training has changed so much during the 46 years of life of the CEB. The latest programs aimed at preparing the candidates to obtain the two diplomas, Specialized Diploma in Banking Studies (DESB) and Advanced Diploma in Bank Management (DSGB), as well as Specialized Certificates (CS). On the whole, 757 people obtained the DESB and 265 others obtained the DSGB and more than 2000 people got specialized certificates in the various fields of banking such as credit, audit, human resources management, financial markets, the commercial relationship management, etc…

In 2010, in order to fulfill the banking professional evolution and the labor market requirements, ABL and USJ presented, within the framework of the pre-established partnership, an official request for the creation of a university institute for banking studies that was approved by a ministerial decree in January 2013.  

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