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Under the terms of the ministerial decree n° 9749, published in the Official Gazette No 4 of January 27, 2013, the Higher institute for banking studies (ISEB) was created jointly by the Association of banks in Lebanon (ABL) and Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ).

The main advantage of the new institute resides in the partnership of the academician and the professional. The USJ guarantees a high quality of university education at the national, regional and international levels, and ABL ensures it to benefit from professional experience of all its banks’ members operating in Lebanon. The cooperation between academic and professional had showed great success in the universities across Europe and United States of America. Teaching reflects in this case the practice reality in the professional environments.
ISEB has the role of ensuring the proper education needed for accessing leadership positions in the banks and the financial markets. The graduates will be able to apply very promptly in their functions the competences acquired during the practical training process.

The Institute prepares the students for obtaining the bachelor and the master degrees. Moreover, the Institute continues to give specialized banking trainings of short duration.

ISEB program is strongly specialized. It constitutes an important added value to the higher education programs existing in Lebanon. The program is conceived in a spirit of modern university education. The courses are semestrial, being integrated in the European system of transferable credits. It is announced in the statute of the ISEB that the courses listed in the program of the first two year studies of the Bachelor which are common to the ISEB and the USJ faculties will be ensured by these latest. It is up to the ISEB Board to prepare the list of these courses.

As a start, the USJ has put at the disposal of the ISEB the building formerly occupied by the CEB. It is a building of four floors within the Campus of social sciences. The ISEB can benefit from its location to switch over with the faculties being in the campus, knowing that the Faculty of Law & Political Sciences, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Management, are all represented in its Board of directors.

The ISEB accepts the students in the Bachelor program for the academic year 2013-2014 and will admit the students for the master program starting 2014-2015. Moreover, it will consider the change in the activities that was initiated by the Centre for banking studies (CEB) during the past three years by complementing the cycles of studies of the registered students between 2010 and 2012 of the old programs.

The ISEB also put at the disposal of the holders of the two CEB diplomas, the Specialized Diploma in banking studies (DESB) and the Advanced diploma in bank management (DSGB), special programs which will supplement their educations in order to obtain the Bachelor and/or the Master, provided they fulfilled all required conditions set by the Ministry for Education and Higher education. The program defined for the holders of the DESB starts in October 2013 and that intended for the holders of the DSGB will follow in 2014.  

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