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The students registered in the Bachelor program must spend an internship period in a financial institution or a bank for a minimal period of 2 months. At the end of this training period, they must present a report that will be considered as equivalent of 12 credits in their bachelor program, provided that the report is validated by a manager in the internship institution and two lecturers selected by ISEB. 

The former holders of the DESB must have carried out an internship period in a financial institution or a bank and to write a report on the achieved training.

Report Content & Format


The internship report can be written in French, English or Arabic.
The trainee must present in 8 to 12 pages the enterprise and explain the conditions of his internship achievement. He (or she) must choose a specific issue that he or (she) confronted during the internship period and show how (he or she) could use their knowledge to solve.
The report must include in addition to the introduction and the conclusion three parts:

Introduction (1 page)

1-Presentation of the enterprise (2 pages)

The trainee must be able to present the enterprise’s organization and locate the required work during his internship inside the organization.

2-Description of the work carried out in the enterprise (2-3 pages)

The trainee must be able to describe the tasks performed and the skills required to achieve them.  

3-Choice of a specific issue confronted during the internship period (3 to 4 pages)

The trainee must choose an issue that he (or she) has helped to resolve (or proposes to address) using the knowledge he (or she) had acquired in the learning process. 

Conclusion (page 1-11/2)

The trainee must be able to make an assessment of the experience and summary of the positive and negative elements and make a proposal for improving the practices and methods used in the enterprise.


  • The cover page should have the name of the Higher institute for banking studies, the name of the student, the academic year, the internship place (the enterprise’s name and address) and the date of the internship (from... to the...).
  • It must be submitted on A4 sheets.
  • It must be entered following Word document using Times New Roman 12 (or Simplified Arabic 12) character. 
  • Titles must be typed in bold, underlined in Times New Roman 14 (or Simplified Arabic 14)...

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